We all hear about the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. every spring. I'm sure they're lovely, but Newark, New Jersey, has more — over 5,000 cherry trees of different varieties.

The trees were a gift to the city in 1927 by Caroline Bamberger Fuld sister of department store magnate Louis Bamberger. I took a trip there last year and it is stunning. The trees line the main drag through Branch Brook Park in the city's North Ward. At one point the park borders Forest Hill, Newark's most affluent neighborhood, and part of the park is in Belleville.

The past ten days, Essex County Department of Parks has hosted the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. So if you missed some of the festivities, not to worry, the best is yet to come. The trees are almost in full bloom and starting this Wednesday and running through Sunday, you can take a guided bus tour through the breathtaking beauty of these trees. The timing is perfect and the weather should be pretty good except for Thursday with some sun and temps in the 50s and 60s through Sunday.

For $8 you'll get the most out of this spring spectacle and not worry about driving through the park yourself and taking your eyes off the road. The park is spectacular and the welcome center is easy to get to in a safe location. Newark is not what you think of when you contemplate the natural beauty of spring, but if you go this week, you certainly will change your mind.

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