I saw this cool story in The Courier Post about a New Jersey grandma who was tired of her grandchildren burying their faces in their phones when they came to visit, so she wrote a song and shot a video to accompany the tune. The song is called “Phone Down” by Nonna Jean and family.

Nonna Jean is Jeanie Conti Speckmann and she wrote a pretty catchy ditty. She also sings the song and sounds terrific. The whole production is very professional with her grandchildren playing the roles of, well, themselves in the video. The song extols the virtues of living in the real world: not missing moments of life by obsessing over social media. When her grandchildren visit, they are required to relinquish their phones which are put in a basket, forcing them to interact with each other. You might want to share it with someone who could use the wakeup call.

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