KEYPORT — Dancers at a Monmouth County go-go bar violated several state laws, including removing clothing and allowing inappropriate touching, state authorities say.

Because of the alleged violations, Fantasie's is facing a lengthy suspension of its liquor license.

Fantasie's was issued a notice of charges by the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control in November of last year, following an investigation the year before. In its notice, the division said it is seeking to suspend Fantasies' liquor license for a total of 300 days for four violations.

The most serious violations, according to ABC spokesperson Peter Aseltine, involved dancers taking off clothes or coverings, or customers touching or being touched by the dancers, both of which are illegal for New Jersey establishments with liquor license. The violations were reported by undercover agents who were at the bar when they were committed, according to Aseltine.

Aseltine said the bar has pleaded not guilty to the charges and that the two sides will begin a negotiation process to see if the issue can be resolved. He said if the two sides cannot come to an agreement, the matter will be moved to an administrative law judge and then on to the ABC director, who will make a final decision.

A manager at Fantasie's told New Jersey 101.5 the bar could not comment on the charges given the ongoing litigation.

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