What's being done to find a solution for back-bay flooding issues along the Jersey Shore? You have two opportunities this week to find out.

The NJ DEP and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are hosting public meetings where they'll discuss the New Jersey Back Bays Flood Risk Management study.

Army Corps spokesman Steve Rochette said the goal of the study is to examine potential solutions that will reduce back bay flooding in New Jersey.

The primary focus is the 3,500-miles of shore line and 180,000 structures across the Jersey Shore.

"Managing flood risk in the back bay area of New Jersey is a very complicated problem from a technical standpoint, economical and environmental," Rochette said. "We're working through this study to look at potential solutions."

Rochette said the Army Corps studies what various storms including superstorm Sandy have done to the Jersey Shore in order to try and find solutions to prevent future back-bay flooding issues.

"With the modeling that we do, we look at a number of different types of storms that can impact a given area and Sandy is a recent benchmark in terms of that," Rochette said. "We're looking a myriad of different storms that can impact an area and the flooding that goes along with it and looking at ways in which we can reduce damages to infrastructure with various measures that we're looking at."

You'll be able to watch a display of their update on the study and then ask any questions you may have.

"The study involves detailed analysis, economic modeling and hydraulic modeling so we're looking at what happens with water," Rochette said.

This isn't the end of the study just a pause to seek input.

"As we go forward we'll refine the study and move towards a plan which would involve multiple types of measures in coastal New Jersey," Rochette said.

Here are the meeting details you'll need to know in order to attend:

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