Customers attempting to access their E-Zpass accounts for the past week have had significant issues as the company has been working on an upgrade to the system for close to a week.

Thomas Feeney of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority said the system was taken down last Wednesday and was expected to be back to normal by today. Unfortunately, Feeney said, "transferring the millions of accounts from the old system to the new system took longer than they anticipated."

According to Feeney the system was up and running again this morning, but acknowledged that customers were still having issues as they worked to get the bugs out.

"The problem is it has been overwhelmed by volume," he said. "The call center has seen a 600 percent increase over normal volume."

With that many more calls than usual, Feeney said their call system cannot handle that much traffic at once. That means some customers are put in a queue while others got a busy signal.

In order to address the extra calls, Feeney said the contractor Conduent brought in an additional 25 people to answer phones in addition to the regular staff of 100 people. The call center will remain open until 8 p.m. and Feeney said anyone in the call queue before 8 p.m. will be able to talk to a representative.

Feeney said customers who do not have an urgent need to contact E-ZPass customer service might want to wait a day or two before calling customer service.

"We understand that many customers need immediate assistance, and we're working with Conduent to accommodate them."

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