STAFFORD — A man caught on video berating a Costco cashier has been arrested.

Police said William Commauf, 48, of Barnegat, was charged Wednesday with terroristic threats, harassment and disorderly conduct after an investigation that included information from "concerned members of the public" who posted information on social media.

In the TikTok video (CAUTION: profanity) taken by a customer, a man is heard telling the cahier to "shut up and ring up my stuff."

Another customer tells the cashier she should call a manager, to which the man tells her to "shut up."

"You can call all the managers you want...I don't give a f*** who their manager is. He ain't tough enough to stop me," the man says. "Go get your husband. I'll smack him around."

When another worker comes stand next to the cashier, the man says:  “I’ll knock you out, too. Get out of here, you little b****. You got a problem?"

It is not clear what the confrontation was about.

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