Almost too disgusted for words.

On Tuesday, gunfire erupted in Jersey City and a Police Officer lost his life in the line of duty. Two other officers were injured. Several civilians were killed. According to the Jersey City Chief, the gunman were directly responsible for the civilian deaths, not the cops who put down the savages who clearly had no regard for human life.

Detective Joseph Seals leaves behind a wife and five children, one of whom is a newborn baby. His watch has ended, but his legacy of being a stand up leader responsible for getting illegal guns off the streets over his 15-year career live on through the actions of his Jersey City Colleagues.

Remember that each of those cops has to get right back to work today, despite the grief and trauma of losing a close friend and colleague and experiencing a war scene in the middle of a neighborhood.

A few hours after Detective Seals' death, decided to run an article about his career. At first glance you may have thought, good on them, a nice tribute to a fallen hero. But as is typically the case with the hacks fake-journos at, they had a hidden agenda.

The agenda was to promote their discredited report on "use of force." Remember that garbage that event the NJ AG came out against? It was a ranking of cops and departments on how often they used force. It of course did not account for the reasons WHY the cops were using force.

That is how the article wrapped up: good cop, but violent. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I know that the cop-hating writers are probably snickering away today having got their message out. But irresponsible media outlets who create a moral equivalency between brave police officers and violent offenders are complicit in this ongoing war against Law Enforcement.

Never forget that there is a cop on the other end of 911, not a reporter. Wonder if these reporters remember that? There is a thin line between civilization and savagery and that line is Blue.

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