A celebrity doctor from New Jersey, known for publicly touting COVID-19 precautions, has been called out on social media for a mask-less birthday bash on a boat packed with bikini-clad ladies in Florida.

Mikhail Varshavski is a primary care physician with Chatham Family Medicine — who practices in Morris and Union counties.

He also has become a popular go-to guest on TV as "Dr. Mike," while amassing nearly 6.5 million followers on YouTube alone.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Varshavski flew from New York to Miami on Nov. 12 to celebrate turning 31.

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Varshavski was tagged in a number of Instagram posts stemming from the close-quarters outing, as also reported by the Daily Voice.

A spokesperson for Varshavski said to the New York Post that the doctor only took his mask off "to go in the water."

A number of fans and critics online have voiced their anger with the seemingly hypocritical behavior.

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