Ah, the f-bomb.

If there's one state in the U.S. that is probably least phased by rough language in films it's New Jersey. Here in the Dirty Jerz if we're not cursing at you it means we don't like you. Even our Jersey girls get in on the act.

So it's only fitting that a New Jersey-born actor would have the honor of being the one to drop the most f-bombs in cinematic history. But who?

Crossword-solver.io did a study tearing through thousands of movie scripts to find who were the most foul-mouthed in movies. Before we get to the king of the f-bombs let's take a look at the lesser offenders.

According to the study, the expletive s**t is said the most by Denzel Washington: 84 times over his body of work and a staggering 56 just in "Training Day" alone.

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S**t, that's a lot.

How about h-e-double-toothpick? H**l was said more than any other actor by Al Pacino with a count of 49.

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If you haven't figured it by now, the undisputed king of the f-bomb is our own Joe Pesci. According to the study he has dropped an f-bomb 271 times across all his movies. But it was really just one film that accounts for almost all of them.

Can you guess?

No, not "Goodfellas."

Certainly not "Home Alone," come on!

Yes, it was 1995's "Casino." They say he used it 241 times just in that one film.

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Born in Newark and raised in Belleville, Joe Pesci is about as Jersey as it gets. His mother worked part-time cutting hair and his father operated a forklift for General Motors and did bartending on the side.

By the way, I'm making Julia Roberts an honorary Jersey girl. She's the only female to make it in the top 25 for use of s**t and h**l. To see who else had a filthy mouth in movies go here.

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