🌊 Jenkinson's has reopened beach access after a warning from the state

🌊 The beach was closed after Labor Day with no explanation

🌊 The state DEP said Jenks was violating the law

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The padlocks are finally gone along Jenkinson's boardwalk, bringing a standoff between the private beach owner and the state to an end.

Beachgoers found they could get onto the sand Saturday after more than two weeks of locked gates and signs stating the beach was closed.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kinitra announced that the beaches were open on Facebook.

"Attention residents and guests! Jenkinson’s main pavilion gate, inlet pavilion gate and Forman Ave access points now all open to the beach!" Kinitra said.

Jenkinson's did not immediately return a request for comment.

Jenkinson's complies with ultimatum

A letter from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to the owner of Jenkinson's owner dated Sept. 19 said that the closures were in violation of state law.

"The permitee cannot limit vertical or horizontal public access to its dry sand beach area nor interfere with the public's right to free use of the dry sand for intermittent recreational purposes connected with the ocean and wet sand," the letter said, citing the Coastal Area Facilities Review Act.

The letter gave Jenkinson's a chance to "voluntarily take corrective action." There was no deadline and no explicit consequence if it chose to refuse to open the beach.

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Jenkinson's opted to reopen after a conversation involving the DEP, DEP spokesperson Caryn Shinske said to New Jersey 101.5.

"Following a discussion last week between the DEP’s Division of Land Resource Protection and representatives for Jenkinson’s, Jenkinson’s voluntarily decided to reopen beach access points. No penalties have been assessed at this time," Shinske said.

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