🌊 Visitors to the beaches in Point Pleasant Beach were greeted by locked entrances

🌊 Jenkinson's owns nearly all the beaches in Point Pleasant Beach

🌊 Mayor Paul Kinitra directed complaints to Jenk's or the DEP

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — One Jersey Shore beach is closed but not for the reason you may think.

As Hurricane Lee churns northward with 7-foot waves and heavy surf, access to the sand in Point Pleasant Beach has been closed off by Jenkinson's, which owns the majority of access points to the beach in the borough.

The reason the beach is closed at Jenk's

"Due to an apparent result of a drowning in the off-season and a subsequent lawsuit Jenkinson's has made the very unfortunate decision to close all of their beaches and all of their access points," Mayor Paul Kanitra wrote on his Facebook page.

He directed people to further contact Jenskinson's or the state Department of Environmental Protection if they want to complain.

"I want to make it very clear that this decision is not the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach's," the mayor wrote.

Photos of Jenkinson's posted by Brick Shorebeat show an electronic sign that the beach is closed and a padlock on a fence that allows swimmers to access the beach.

Jenkinson's Boardwalk
Jenkinson's Boardwalk

Possible lawsuit details

Kanitra did not disclose details about the lawsuit or the drowning.

Brick Shorebeat reported that a lawsuit fwas iled against Jenkinson's by the estate of Anthony Timpanaro, 69, of Randolph, after his drowning in September 2020. The lawsuit said Jenkinson's did not post any warnings about "severe ocean conditions" or have any lifeguards on duty despite it being a "beautiful day" that would attract swimmers.

According to the borough website, the council voted in 1897 to privatize the beach because of the "extreme cost to the borough for maintenance." In 1926, Charles Jenkinson bought property in Point Pleasant Beach and opened the pavilion in 1928.

The Maryland Avemue beach, the only one owned by the borough, is open to the public.

Kanitra on Wednesday afternoon told New Jersey 101.5 he could not comment further. Jenkinson's did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

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