As a person who is so tired of Gov. Phil Murphy and his shenanigans, I’ve taken to not leaving the house, so as to enjoy the comfort and sanctity of my home and family and forget about what he’s doing to destroy the state. That allows a lot of time for me to observe things from afar.

We all realize how we’ll deal with the plastic and paper bag ban in grocery stores; we’ll do what the hippies force us to and carry in germ-laden cloth bags. (Talk about spreading COVID-19! But that’s beside the point here, isn’t it?)

But, since I’ve become housebound due to the governor's ridiculous edicts, I’ve had my groceries delivered once or twice a week, as have many people who followed the COVID-19 “rules.”

Yes, twice a week the lovely people of Instacart dump a load of groceries — 10 or 12 bags full — on my porch from ShopRite or Stop & Shop or ACME or Foodtown. I take all those lovely, crinkly somewhat clean plastic bags and reuse them to my heart’s content. What will Instacart or Target’s Shipt or Walmart or any of the home delivery services do now? Bring you 20 cloth bags? Dump all the groceries, unbagged, on your porch, apples rolling in the wind? Use those “allowed” blue “Ikea-type” heavy vinyl bags that are 10 times the price? Probably. That’ll inevitably up the price of all home delivery. But that's OK with Murphy! NJ residents can suck up the extra cost. As long as the fish are safe.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi’s own.

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