What's the next best thing to being at the Super Bowl? Being above it. And on the show after the game.

Commander Scott Kelly, the East Orange native now on board the International Space Shuttle, tweeted pictures from his vantage point above Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California while joking that no one showed up for his Super Bowl party.

The 51-year-old Kelly, who is nearing the end of his year-long mission on the ISS, was part of Stephen Colbert's live Late Show on CBS after the game ended. Colbert "tossed" a football to Kelly and asked if the crew watched the game.

"We absolutely did watch the game up here. It was a great view from our skybox," Kelly said. Colbert asked if the crew members made chili but Kelly said they did not "because it's not like we can crack a window up here."

Kelly tossed the football back to Colbert and it slowly made its way back toward the camera as Kelly gave it an extra push and floated into the camera. Colbert didn't know where the ball went until Chewbacca threw it back to the host.

NASA also got into the spirit of the Super Bowl.

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