NEWARK — An Army recruiter is being credited with risking his own life to help save a couple trapped in an overturned tractor trailer that burst into flames after their timely rescue.

1st Sgt. Michael Huson, 45, of Clinton Township, was driving on Route 78 when he noticed the overturned truck at Exit 57 in Newark on Oct. 11.

He pulled over and rushed to the truck, which had come to a rest on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Army officials said Huson instructed another bystander to call 911 while he attempted the rescue.

Huson climbed the side of the vehicle to get to the passenger side door at top. Huson then dropped down into the cab and help lift the female passenger out.

Huson then unpinned the male driver’s legs, but because the driver was too injured, couldn’t lift him out of the cab.

Instead, Huson remained with the driver until police, firefighters and medical assistance arrived 25 minutes later.

During all that time, Huson was aware that the truck’s fuel had been spilling.

Rescuers finally removed the driver by cutting out the window while Huson shielded himself and the driver with a blanket.

In a statement provided by U.S. Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting, Huson said what he did “was the right thing to do.”

“We fight the good fight daily with civilians and our reputation in communities,” he said. “I hope my actions are a display of our character, as any soldier in my company would have done the same.”

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