P.A.H.S., or Plainfield Area Humane Society, is a non-profit organization that has been helping animals for 88 years. Since 1933 they’ve been finding safe and loving homes for homeless animals, even ones with special needs. They’ve worked hard to care for them, heal them, and nurture them with love and respect while they hope for a forever home.

All that hard work became just about impossible on the night of September 1.

Ida hit them with a ferocity that flooded the entire facility. All supplies were destroyed including medical supplies. Their transport vehicles were destroyed. Their heating and cooling system taken out. They’ve been devastated.

Now they’re desperate. They need donations both monetary and physical. A GoFundMe page has been set up for them if you’d like to help. They also need cat litter, cat carriers, dog food, cat food, vehicles that could be used temporarily or donated, medical supplies like Clavamox, flea and tick treatment, Itrafungal, the list goes on.

For the latest information on what they still need it would be best to contact them. Either call 908-754-0300 or email contact@pahs.org.

If you can’t afford to donate yourself they ask you to share their story on your social media.

You’re probably wondering if any animals were lost. All animals were accounted for and are safe. But the loving volunteers who care for them are running out of time for supplies. Anything you can do to help this 501(c)(3) non-profit would be greatly appreciated by them.

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