Physician-assisted suicide has always been a controversial and emotional debate. Following a story where a New Jersey physician admitted to assist an elderly patient leading to her death, Bill Spadea wanted to get some context on the Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act.

Marie Tasy, the Executive Director for NJ Right for Life, had some strong opinions regarding this bill. She said it's filled with loopholes, and protects everyone except the patient. She also said more people are going to be harmed rather than helped in this bill.

Senators Steve Sweeney and Nicolas Scutari are the politicians who have been pushing the bill according to Tasy. She also mentioned how the NJ Right for Life has been in conversation with many disability groups who have been very vocal about their concerns and convincing the legislature not to move forward with the bill as well.

Listen to the full conversation with Marie Tasy and Bill Spadea in the clip above.

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