🔴Days after his birthday a Princeton man was turned away from a Chicago club

🔴Robert Kaminski responded by macing the bouncers who then took him down

🔴Kaminski's booking photo shows him with a black eye

Bouncers at a Chicago club did an "emergency takedown" of a New Jersey man when he sprayed tear gas in their face, police said.

Robert Kaminski, of Princeton, who had just turned 21, was turned away from the Hangge Uppe nightclub in Chicago on Feb. 17.

When Kaminski started spraying, the two bouncers were able to hold him until police showed up according to a report obtained from Chicago police by CWB Chicago.

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Robert Kaminski
Robert Kaminski (Chicago police)

Charges and a black eye

Kaminski was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and treated for undisclosed injuries, according to CWB Chicago. A booking photo shows him with a black eye.

The bouncers were treated for the tear gas and went back to work.

Police did not disclose why Kaminski was in Chicago. He is a member of the Princeton High School Class of 2021.

Kaminski was charged with two counts of battery, cause bodily harm, according to police records. He was later released from police custody.

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