First they came for the single use plastic bags, and I did not speak out-
because I used reusables.

Then they came for the plastic straws, and I did not speak out-
because I drank straight from glasses.

Then they came for the balloons...
author unknown

You've been hearing a lot on our show about the ridiculous proposals for statewide bans on plastic bags and now plastic straws. They're even wanting to eliminate styrofoam containers. Thought that was the end of it? Think again!

It hasn't been proposed on a statewide level...yet, but another shore town has decided to ban releasing balloons into the air. The practice might soon be banned in Asbury Park. Proponents say it is a serious threat to wildlife and the environment.

Really? This is happening so often that our waterways are getting clogged by latex? I highly doubt organized events or individual people are releasing deadly latex balloons into the atmosphere in such massive numbers for it to have much impact. Yet here we are.

Asbury Park may become the 14th New Jersey town to institute such a ban. Bradley Beach, Atlantic City and Long Beach Township are among them. The proposal would fine anyone responsible for intentionally releasing balloons within the city limits $500. Wow.

I wonder what that fine will be written on? Paper, made from cutting down a tree? Will it be in triplicate? What will the ecological impact be from the gasoline burned to get officers to the scene of that recalcitrant little 8 year old brat who purposely let go of his sister's balloon? When the offending party sends that check for $500 in the mail, that's more paper for the envelope, right? Let's not forget turning the lights on for the city council meeting held to discuss this huge impact of an errant balloon.

Wait and see if this ridiculous balloon ban doesn't end up in Trenton as a statewide initiative. With a progressive governor like Phil Murphy at the helm, we will become East California in no time at all.

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