On Monday I shared my thoughts on Newton Mayor Wayne Levante. He caused a controversy in the small Sussex County town by sharing on social media the conspiracy theory that David Hogg, survivor of the school massacre in Parkland, FL is a 'crisis actor' and not a real student. That's already been debunked but it doesn't stop people like Levante. He's backpedaled, he's hemmed and hawed, he's played a nice round of semantics, but the one thing he won't do is resign.

Monday night there was a special session of the Newton Town Council where they censured him for his lunacy and pushed for his resignation. His response? "Hell no!" He said the voters should decide his fate, not the Town Council. That is the only thing I agree with this guy on. The rest of his statements and actions? Pathetic.

Now he's even playing the poor me card, saying Monday night, "I've been lambasted on the internet and now I have to sit before my colleagues here, who we've done such great work with, and have to deal with this."

Awww, poor poor Wayne baby. You've been lambasted on the internet? You know who you have something in common with? This kid David Hogg you've been trolling. YOU lambasted HIM on the internet by sharing your alt-right moronic and soundly debunked conspiracy nonsense about him not being real. A young man who survived something horrible and lost 17 people he knew. To make his trauma that much easier, losers like you went out of their way to question his sincerity and shared theories about his very identity. And YOU are complaining about being lambasted? You are seriously as awful as they come.

Wayne Levante is right about one thing. The voters should be the ones to decide this, especially with an election coming up so close in May. When we took calls on this during Monday's show the majority felt as I do; while this mayor is despicable he should have his day at the polls. Online that sentiment was clear as well, with our poll question of whether he should resign resulting in no over yes by more than two to one.

But come election day, win or lose, please no one lambaste poor Wayne Levante. Unlike teenagers who only took cover from gunfire, he's clearly been through enough.

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