Officials hope a new kiosk at Rutgers University will educate visitors about the rich Revolutionary War history in the area.

The new kiosk came to the school through a partnership between Middlesex County, Crossroads of the American Revolution, and Rutgers University. The three-sided kiosk features a touch screen, videos and information about historical sites around Middlesex County.

"And it lists all of the national heritage areas within 30 miles of the Rutgers University Visitors Center," said Barbara Loftus, Rutgers University visitor engagement manager. "Because we are within 30 miles of probably seven or eight different national heritage areas here in New Jersey."

There are also historical details that tie in with Rutgers' 250th anniversary and promote Middlesex County's new mobile app. Visitors can text "culture" to 56512 to get information on history, culture, and events.

While Rutgers has no plans to expand the efforts, Middlesex County and Crossroads of the American Revolution are working on similar setups at up to 14 different Revolutionary-era historic sites. Rutgers does intend to make the kiosk a permanent fixture at their visitors center.

"The kiosk was constructed so we can update it and put timely information on there," Loftus said.

She said they have a very simple goal for visitors.

"Engage them with the area, engage them with the historical sites around us."

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