We’re officially a week into the new year.

Radio stations are back to playing their regular music instead of the Christmas standards. Holiday decorations are slowly coming down. The one thing that has managed to stick around for some of us is the weight put on during the December festivities.

On average, people tend to gain 1.5 pounds during the holidays between all of the indulgent eating and drinking, but when can they expect to get rid of it?

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A study was performed by Feast Good to figure that out. The website surveyed 3,000 respondents to figure out their post-holiday weight loss goals.

According to them, they:

determined the average weight gain during the holidays, the typical number of calories burned in a workout session, and the regularity of exercise routines among participants.

They used this data to pinpoint specific dates that people in each state are most likely to return to the weight they were prior to the holiday season.

Young woman is sad because she has to exercise and eat healthy for holidays.

Of course, you have to actually put in the effort to achieve the results you want. Average dieters in New Jersey must work out 3.7 times a week for the first month of 2024 so they can burn 350 calories per session.

As it turns out, our weight loss journey is pretty good compared to the other states.

While the study found that people in other states won’t return to their pre-holiday weight until Feb. 18 (sorry, West Virginia), we in the Garden State are likely to reach our goal by Jan. 29.

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Feast Good recommends the following in order to properly manage your weight loss:

⚫ Don’t set unrealistic goals
⚫ Avoid fad diets
⚫ Don’t skip meals, manage your calorie intake with proper planning
⚫ Get a sufficient amount of sleep

You can read the study here.

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