MIDDLETOWN — Police are warning residents to be aware of the latest phone scam, which even has several elements to make it seem legitimate, but can be dangerous for people who fall for it.

The scam involves people claiming to be from the Social Security Administration warning callers that their benefits have been "jeopardized and/or suspended," according to the Middletown Police Department. The calls also appear on caller ID as coming from 1-800-772-1213, which is the number for the Social Security Administration Customer Service Line.

"The caller knows your name in an attempt to validate the call and then asks you to provide you (sic) social security number, do not provide this information," the department said.

Several people who commented on the department's Facebook post said they got similar calls from other phone numbers, with at least one saying the person who called them used profanity during the call.

Anyone with concerns about their benefits should go directly to the Social Security Administration's website to get legitimate contact information.


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