Maybe he’s a tax dancer, or maybe he’s a sign dancer or maybe he’s the dancing Statue of Liberty. Whatever you call him, you’re about to meet him.

If you’ve driven on Route 88 in Brick between Route 70 and Bridge Ave, you’ve seen him dancing, gyrating and you may have even beeped at him.

His job is to get you to do your taxes at Liberty Taxes in the strip mall behind him. But it looks like he really appreciates the beeping and the waving he gets, too. He’s working hard and deserves the attention.

And since he’s working so hard to entertain us, we wanted to know more about him. Meet Eric Lotz of Manchester. He’s an entertainer, sometimes fire eater and you may recognize him from his performances at the Lakewood Renaissance Festival. He clearly loves his job and we wanted you to know a little more about him.

So whether you’re looking for a tax preparer or an entertainer, we think Eric may be able to help. And we thank Liberty Tax for letting us take a few minutes of Eric’s time during his work day. Looking for tax preparation? You may want to stop in at 1889 Route 88 across from Walgreens and talk to Dania Hayduk, Senior Tax Advisor. You’ll know where she is. Just look for the dancing Statue of Liberty!

Dancing Sign Guy At Work

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