Recently we had a discussion about whether or not New Jerseyans enjoy a cocktail everyday. Well, not everyone does, but it turns out if you’re going to have a drink, a great time to have one is right before bed.

Yes, the classic nightcap is very much alive and well, and designed to help you sleep like a baby..and we thought we’d let you know what the quintessential NJ nightcaps are! Of course, Dennis and I included our favorites in the list!

  • Dennis’ Jack Rox (Jack Daniels, water and a lemon peel)
  • Judi’s Piña Colada (3 oz Coconut Milk, 1oz Malibu Rum, 1 pkg Stevia)
  • Glass of Reisling with a natural fruit ice pop stirred in
  • Manishewitz Creamy White concord wine
  • Hot Tea with lemon, honey and 1/2 shot bourbon
  • Somrus Indian cream liqueur
  • Everclear and Orange Juice
  • A Shot of Sambuca
  • Kombucha (Fermented sweet tea)
  • Paloma (Tequila, Lime Juice, grapefruit soda or Fresca)

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