A New Jersey woman who has never lived in or visited Alaska ran in the congressional democratic primary in that state did not win. Carol Hafner, who might be from Tom’s River used a legal loophole to run in the race that was won by an actual Alaskan, Alyse Galvin.

Alaska law says you only have to live in the state at the time of the general election to run for office. When speaking to New Jersey 101.5, Hafner was evasive about where in New Jersey she was from or where she is living now, but according to the Associated Press, property and voter registration show a New Jersey address for her, but she claims South Dakota, where she has a PO box is home now.

She never visited Alaska or campaigned there and her opponents filed a legal challenge to her candidacy after the deadline had passed. She told the AP that her concern for the environment, particularly climate change, prompted her to run; the Republican incumbent, Don Young, has referred to climate change as a “scam."

Young has held the seat since 1973. Possibly the most surprising aspect to this story is that Hafner did not finish last, she got 14.7% of the vote. Imagine being Christopher Cummings who finished last, behind someone who never even visited the state.

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