As we all know, and our radio station's success can attest to that fact, our state is sandwiched between two of America's largest cities.

NJ101.5 is not New York, not Philadelphia, but we get the benefits (and the pitfalls) of these two Top 10 cities being so close by.

A good number of people who live here, myself included, started life in either NYC or Philly. We have close ties to either or both of these places and all the things that go with that, including the food. According to the website, Philly comes in at #5 and of course, New York is #1 in the rankings of the "best foodie cities in America."

Of course, going into either of these cities these days presents its challenges, but fear not, a lot of the foodie culture and cuisine has spilled over and can be found right here in New Jersey.

And not only can you find great eateries on the outskirts of both cities, but all around our state. From ethnic foods of every imaginable origin to good old American fare, New Jersey benefits greatly from being smack dab in the middle of these two top five cities. This past November New Jersey Monthly put out its 30 best restaurants in NJ issue.

It doesn't matter what part of our state you live in, the choices for foodies are probably the best in the country.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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