In an effort to stop teens from vaping, New Jersey lawmakers passed a measure this week that prohibits all flavored vaping products other than tobacco flavor. This won't make a difference if the teens are getting their vape in the black market like opponents say. If that's not the case, then maybe stricter law enforcement for selling flavored vapes to teens would have been a better idea. but it's not fair to deprive responsible adults who choose to vape and enjoy the flavors the right to do so simply because some kids are getting it.

I understand that it's bad for you and some are dying, but we can say the same thing about alcohol and tobacco, both of which are bad and can kill you. Should craft beers no longer add flavors, fearing teens will get drunk drinking them?

I don't vape. I'm not a fan of vaping but I do respect the rights of what responsible adults choose to put in their bodies, provided it's legal. Critics of this bill say adopting a blanket ban of flavored vaping products would force hundreds of New Jersey adult-only vaping stores to close, causing an estimated 2,000 people to lose their jobs. This law is not fair to them nor is it to the vapers.

This flavored vape ban really isn't going to make a difference if teens are able to get them on the black market, what can make a difference is stricter law enforcement for those caught selling them flavored vapes. If we go that route, responsible adults can still enjoy their vape and those selling it to them can keep their jobs.

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