How many times do we hear about the sacrifices that were made by regular NJ families to help slow the spread and flatten the curve? Staying home, staying clear of vulnerable relatives, “doing your part,” all for nothing.

That’s right, the entire lockdown only served to fuel the flames of panic and if you look at the actual numbers of hospitalizations and deaths, the pandemic hit a peak in the US in early April. Many docs on the "front lines" saying that the virus spread so fast that we achieved a level of "herd immunity" faster than we locked down. But here we are. It’s August in New Jersey and there is no actual plan to get kids back in school.

Kids are effectively safe from coronavirus with evidence from top medical experts and the data itself showing conclusively that kids are barely impacted at all. Actually, since we know that the tiny fraction of society, over the age of 75 with multiple comorbidities, are really the only people actually in any danger. Of course most of those folks are in danger of succumbing to any number of health issues at any given time. But like dutiful members of human society, you acted in a way to help protect those most vulnerable. They still died.

One reason is that our New Jersey governor placed discharged COVID patients back into the nursing homes to join their elderly and compromised fellow senior. That action resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths. The governor still defends that action. Now, despite all of the evidence of how kids are safe from coronavirus and how dangerous it is to isolate children, schools will not open normally anytime soon. Sports too.

Remember the old days before COVID? When we talked about the dangers of isolation and anxiety and the “addiction” to screens? Remember when middle school suicides spiked? I remember. And now in order to placate the real power that runs NJ, the public worker unions, kids will be denied access to their friends and teachers and Mom and Dad have to suck it up and figure it out.

Will your taxes go down now that you’re doing the job of teacher? Nope. Actually, they’ll go up as the state continues to borrow and spend as if we didn’t lose billions in revenue from the shutdown. Will the so-called health experts that the governor is presumably listening to admit that kids are safe and are back in school in person around the country, without any “spike” in illness? Nope. Actually they will continue to deliver the propaganda of “positive tests” defining the never-ending pandemic.

Although this guy is not from Jersey, I thought you should hear the words from a high school football coach in PA. Where’s this guy in our state?

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