Marijuana isn’t legal in New Jersey yet, but that isn’t stopping legislators from crafting laws to curb its eventual advertising. reports that legislation is being readied that would restrict advertising in various ways.

Among the limitations being suggested are: Radio and TV ads could only air between 10 pm and 6 am, it can’t be advertised in a way that promotes over consumption, or used cartoons or other characters that would appeal to people under 21. In other words, no “Joe Camel.”

In one of the strictest regulations, advertisers would be required to conduct market research that 71% of the ads’ target audience is comprised of adults. Billboards promoting marijuana would be banned within 200 feet of schools. Requirements for packaging are also being considered. Marijuana would be required to have warnings similar to those imposed on tobacco products covering things like keeping it out of the hands of minors, using heavy machinery should be avoided after ingesting, and pregnant women should not use it. Google and Facebook already refuse marijuana advertising because of federal law that bans cannabis.

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