Where does our state get off telling you how to live and depriving young people of what could be a lifelong commitment of happiness? New Jersey could become the first state to outlaw marriages to anyone under 18, no exceptions. Who do they think they are?

It's one thing for government to make laws to better run the state and country, it's another thing when it tries to tell you how to live. No state law should ever deprive you of happiness when the happiness you're seeking is legal and could be everlasting, at least till death do you part. If a minor wants to get married, it should be up to the parents to give consent and that's it. Let the state worry about state stuff, like lowering taxes, like that would ever happen.

Once upon a time, people got married younger and songs were written about young people in love trying to convince their parents of their feelings. What's next? Songs about young lovers being kept apart by New Jersey?

Isn't this state doing enough to stick it to young people? First they go after the millennials, now let's drive people out who are even younger. While we're at it, let's drive them and their wedding business to another state where they're not as inclined to but into people's personal life.

When you get married, the marriage should be your's and your partner's decision and if you're a minor, your parents. It may or may not work out but that's the risk you take. As far as forced marriages go, as bad as that is, it's a battle that needs to be fought on a different playing field, perhaps a law against that (which they would never do due to religious infringement). But you don't deprive everyone the chance for what they will  believe could make them happy for the sake of the few you are trying to save. There are other ways to do that.

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