The state of New Jersey is going after the nation's #1 golf course.

If you're good enough, lucky enough and connected enough, you may have played Pine Valley Golf Club in South Jersey.

The state Division on Civil Rights and the acting attorney general are suing Pine Valley for sex discrimination.

The club allows women members since they were forced to by the state last year, even though they are a private club. The state says even though they are a private club, they are not exempt because they own all the land the club sits on, which makes no sense. But don't forget we are dealing with people in state government who've never built anything, they only destroy things.

People are usually surprised to find out that New Jersey is home to what is considered to be the best golf course in the nation. Very few women are members at the club. You have to have a very low handicap to gain membership. That means you have to be an extremely good player.

Many women are great players but not many of us of either gender are at that level. Many golfers complain that women play too slowly and that's why their play is limited on some courses.

Despite what you may have read in the media or what your kids were taught in school, men and women are different. Women may treat a golf outing as more of a social event and men want to crush each other as quickly as they can on the course. No rational person is for keeping anyone from enjoying membership as much as the next person, right? What about all of the exclusively women's clubs and organization around the state and the country.

A quick Google search turns up plenty of women-only clubs, even here in New Jersey.

Should the state of New Jersey and the Attorney General's Office pursue fining or closing or punishing these groups? Of course not. Sometimes women and men want to be around only members of their gender. Why should the state respect one gender's preferences and not the other?

It could be the fact that big private golf clubs are owned and run by public enemy number one. No, not the Mafia: Wealthy, older white men. Don't worry, no one is coming to their defense anytime soon.

This double standard that has existed in our society for a couple of decades now is only getting bigger. God help anyone who would complain about it. You'll be labeled a whole list of nasty things just for bringing it or pointing it out, let alone fight against it.

I'd like to join some of these clubs. When I apply, they politely tell me it's for women only and I quietly go away. Same with these female-only clubs. And on and on and on.

Surely the state can find nefarious criminal activity to crack down on. Gang wars, car thefts, home break-ins. Maybe they've all be solved under this administration.

The group of virtue signaling, far left progressive ideologues don't go after the real problems. They only create bigger ones.

Like so many of New Jersey's great treasures that the state government has degraded or destroyed, let's hope Pine Valley survives without too much damage.

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