It's official. Rutgers University has taken over most UMDNJ schools.

Governor Chris Christie speaks at Rutgers Integration Day for Rutgers Transition Ceremony in Piscataway. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

"After decades of politics holding up a re-thinking and restructuring of higher education, we have once again showed the people of New Jersey what we can do when we come together in a bipartisan way," said Gov. Chris Christie, during an event on the Rutgers, Piscataway campus.

He said after much discussion, it was time to take action - and that's just what they did.

"The real gems in the UMDNJ system will shine even brighter in this new arrangement," said Christie, "and the new arrangement means University Hospital in Newark is having its mission reinforced as a level one trauma center, as a charity care provider for neediest, and as a teaching hospital for the state's aspiring doctors, nurses and dentists."

He pointed out it also means Rowan University is established as a public research University, "and Rutgers University instantly becomes a top 25 research institution in America."

Christie added, more importantly, the merger supports rapid growth in the southern part of the state, rapid growth for our most vulnerable residents, and the state is protecting medical facilities that provide life-saving care to thousands of people throughout New Jersey.

He thanked the voters of New Jersey, who supported a higher education bond issue for greater capital investment.

"It's a great day because of the hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private investment, which is going to be happening at Rutgers, it's going to grow and expand what is already a very, very good university, and which today I think is finally on the path to being one of America's great public research institutions."