Due to major Amtrak repairs planned for this summer at New York Penn Station, regular users of New Jersey Transit's Morris & Essex line are told if they want to avoid a nightmare trip into the city, featuring a detour to Hoboken, they'll have to leave extremely early. http://nj1015.com/nj-transit-executive-director-calls-morris-and-essex-plan-best-option/

In one New Jersey school, senior students who owe lunch money were publicly shamed before their classmates — and that caused a bit of controversy. http://nj1015.com/fair-lawn-lunch-money-shakedown-not-the-work-of-a-bully-but-the-school-itself/

Mr. Met has been fired. It seems even the mascot is frustrated with the way the Mets' season has been going. He flashed fans the middle finger during the team's loss to the Brewers last night. A fan caught it on video. http://nj1015.com/caught-on-video-mr-met-flips-the-bird-at-fans/

More of New Jersey's beaches are going smoke-free. Margate City could be the next, as local officials prepare to vote on new regulations. http://nj1015.com/map-of-jersey-shores-smoke-free-beaches-boardwalks-which-one-is-next/


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