Ask anyone in New Jersey, life is tough... but imagine having to live without knowing the sounds of birds chirping, enjoying your favorite music or even just the soft sound of waves crashing on the beach. Suddenly our problems don't seem so hard after all.

The Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf is taking the steps to make New Jersey a better place to live by helping children who are hard of hearing, but they can't do it alone. Thanks to Justin Osmond, son of Merrill Osmond who has started the Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund. This organization has partnered up with Jersey's Hope for Hearing to raise money to improve the school and the quality of life for their students.

Big Joe Henry hosted the kickoff dinner last night and wrapped up the dinner by making the statement " We take care of our own and this is the opportunity to take care of our own!"

The school will be holding a few fundraising events this year including a Family Karate Kick-a-Thon on October 11th, a Symphony of Wellness Gala on October 12th and M.A.D 5K and Fun Run on October 13th.

All details about the events and how you can help this wonderful organization can be seen here on Jersey's Hope for Hearing's website.

Take a look at the video and pictures below of the kickoff dinner last night with Big Joe Henry and Justin and Merrill Osmond.  Justin and Merrill were also on the air with Judi Franco earlier today (2/28)!