The main takeaway in the newly released census data shows the electorate in New Jersey to be increasingly young and female.

Now, many of my closest friends and family members are in the demographic with the highest increase in voter participation in the last election. That would be women 25-44. Well, isn't that nice. They tend to be more educated and more progressive. That's nice too.

The problem is they tend to vote Democrat in larger numbers, because candidates in that party will tell them things they want to hear, like protect the environment, protect women's right to choose, free pre-school, free college, sanctuary status, etc. All noble causes to be sure, but all at a huge cost.

Many in this demographic may not have as much skin in the game when it comes to paying for all of it. Home ownership, from which property taxes are derived to pay for some of this, is lowest in this demo. So therefore the ideas sound good and you're not really on the hook to pay for it. They may not be in the income brackets which pay the highest percentage of federal taxes as well. They may not have the life experience to feel the impact of generous sounding programs, but they feel good. They may not even realize, because to many America is an evil racist place, that our country is the best system of government and populations of people in the history of mankind.

And that our constitution and form of government isn't designed to give us all the goodies we want no matter what the cost, like an indulgent parent who really, really wants to be your best friend. These politicians of any party who promises social justice and a utopia that pleases everyone really don't give a s*** about you or any of what they promise. They want power and control. Something that, through our system of government, should remain in the hands of the people, not Robin Hood like politicians.

This is not to disparage this group in any way. Their intentions are good and their hearts are in the right place by and large. But your heart doesn't figure out your monthly budget and your heart doesn't build personal responsibility. Your mind figures those things out. What we've seen far too much of all throughout this country, and across all demographic lines is that we've leading with emotions and not reason. Emotions in our political discourse is at an all time high, with people voting for the ones they love the most and voting against the ones they hate the most. I would HATE to leave this state that I LOVE, but if politics keep going the way this poll would indicate, there may be little CHOICE for many of us who pay the bills.

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