I've noticed for a long time that main stream television news coverage is corrupt and not to be taken seriously. There have been many examples of their deception over the years, and NBC has always been the leader.

They have staged scenes to look a certain way, interviewed people on the scene that tell the version of the story they want to get out, and omitted important stories or versions that don't support their agenda. This is ethically wrong, and ultimately dangerous for the viewing public.

NBC is coming under fire for not releasing the Weinstein story, even though one of their own reporters had been working on it for nearly a year. NBC News president Noah Oppenheimer moonlights as a Hollywood screenwriter, but denies having business ties to Harvey Weinstein. I'm not surprised at all.

One story I remember in particular was so blatant even the hosts of the Today Show couldn't let it go when it was appeared live on their morning show in 2005. It also has a New Jersey connection.

Do you remember the severe flooding in North Jersey from a 2011 storm and the damage it caused in the Garden State? I do. I also recall watching this live on my TV.

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