A South Jersey teacher, Kelly Mascio, might lose her job after catching two of her kindergarten students naked in the in-classroom bathroom together. The boy and the girl told her they were "having sex." The teacher immediately reported this incident to the principal. Yet she is now under review for tenure charges and could lose her job.

It happened in Mullica Township, and the teacher has been suspended with pay since September 30th. The Board of Ed met Wednesday night to discuss whether to certify charges against her, yet refused to tell the public their decision. This is a veteran teacher of 15 years, although her first as a kindergarten teacher. The day this incident occurred was a chaotic one, with children moving in and out of Mascio's classroom for MAPS benchmark testing. If the superintendent's position on this is that the incident was her fault for not noticing two children had gone into the bathroom at the same time, which is the absolute only reason I can think of for even considering tenure charges, she's apparently not considering the highly unusual day.

Even at that, clearly the teacher realized something was amiss and then did her job by going to check the bathroom, otherwise the pair wouldn't have been caught. Then she took care of the situation and immediately reported it.

How in God's name does this teacher deserve suspension? Unless there's some long history here of losing track of children that's not being reported I see no reason why her job should be in peril. Furthermore, isn't it the parents you should be questioning more than a teacher? How do kids of kindergarten age even know about being naked together and speak of 'having sex'? Is this some learned behavior?

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