Union members are seeking the removal of Mullica's school superintendent who is pursuing tenure charges against a teacher who reported finding two kindergarten students engaged in sex play.

Mullica Township Elementary School
The outside of Mullica Township Elementary School (CBS Philly)

Wednesday's no-confidence vote by the Mullica Township Education Association reflects the members' frustrations with Superintendent Brenda Harring-Marro.

Harring-Marro suspended teacher Kelly Mascio on Sept. 30 after Mascio reported finding two 5-year-olds engaged in sexual play in a classroom bathroom. The superintendent and school board want to fire her, claiming Mascio did not properly supervise her students.

In an email to The Press of Atlantic City  the superintendent says the no-confidence vote reflects a small group that refuses to recognize changes in the profession. She says she's disappointed the union leadership did not speak with her.




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