Problems traced to a fire alarm that knocked out Motor Vehicle Commission computers late last week have lingered into this week, with customer frustration levels rising.

Lodi office of Motor Vehicle Commission (Foursquare)

MVC spokeswoman Elyse Coffey says there were issues with the MVC computers earlier this week, and this week's problems have nothing to do with the problems encountered last week when their computers, tied into the state system, were disrupted by that fire alarm.

But coffey says everything was cleared up by early afternoon Wednesday. She says they have some ongoing advice for customers who have to transact with the MVC.

"We have been suggesting to our customers for some time now. Please do not wait till the end of the month to come into your local Motor Vehicle agency to conduct your business."

Coffey says there is no backup computer when the main server goes down, but they have been working to modernize what they have with a more user-friendly system.

"We appreciate the fact that this is a user convenience factor for our customers. And we encourage people throughout the day to keep checking our website before heading out from home for one of our agencies."