Sometimes you have certain expectations when it comes to certain things you have to deal with. And that couldn't be any further from the truth than here in New Jersey.

Take, for example, rush hour. The expectation is that you'll at some point have to deal with brake lights and delays.

It's not that we ask for it, it's just how it is in our state. Delays and traffic on our roadways are considered the norm, especially during rush hours.

But when your expectations are shattered, it can throw you a curve ball. Or, it can help make your day just that much better.

In the case of rush hour, if one day you're suddenly moving freely, it feels great. Yes, it defied your expectations, but in a good way.

NJ MVC / License Plates
Flemington MVC, Photo by Craig Allen via Canva

Staying on the topic of cars, let's talk about the NJ MVC, otherwise known as the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Think about your expectations when it comes to the MVC. Probably not good, right? And that's to be expected.

Whenever we hear about issues at the MVC, two things might come to mind. Long waits, and a clueless process.

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(Brian McCarthy)

Now to the MVC's credit, they've taken steps over the past several years to address this. And I have to say, some of those changes have been working for the better.

One big change that's still currently underway is the license renewals. Instead of being at the end of the month, it's now on your birthday.

Although some moaned and groaned about that in the beginning, it's actually a very smart move. It helps end the practice of everyone coming at the end of the month to take care of important business.

Now, the deadline is your birthday, which in turn helps spread out everyone throughout the month.

drivers license application (Getty Stock / ThinkStock)
drivers license application (Getty Stock / ThinkStock)

So that's a good change. Still, it doesn't shake that fear of something going wrong, or something taking forever.

And that's where my experience with the license plate returns comes in. Recently, I purchased a new car and wanted to return the old plates to the MVC.

My expectation from past experiences wasn't that good. I wasn't sure if I'd be ping-ponged throughout the building or would have to make an appointment just to drop the plates off.

I also wasn't sure how long of a wait it would be. On the day I showed up, the MVC seemed rather crowded. So naturally, I prepared to wait.

A line at a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office. (NJMVC)
A line at a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office. (NJMVC)

Not knowing where to go at first, I went straight to the customer service desk to find out what I needed to do. What happened then utterly defied my expectations.

Not only was the customer service person super friendly and nice, but she said she could take them right then and there, no questions asked. And she even printed me a receipt on the spot and I was on my way.

Literally, only a minute went by tops and I was done. I never expected it to be so easy or simple, but here we are.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

It was the Eatontown location I went to and I wanted to take a moment to recognize how unexpected that was. Just goes to show that sometimes the MVC is capable of defying our expectations of them.

Defying, in a good way. So nice job to the Eatontown team. I know what I went for was simple, but even simple tasks in the past have sometimes proven to be a nightmare.

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