🔺 New marijuana strain named after Gov. Murphy

🔺 Murphy says he is "honored"

🔺 Gov. paid a surprise visit to Mount Holly growhouse

You can now literally smoke Gov. Phil Murphy in the Garden State.

Cultivators at Prolific Growhouse in Mount Holly have named a new strain of weed after Murphy.

Owners say they wanted to thank Murphy for his leadership in legalizing cannabis in New Jersey for both medicinal and recreational use.

The new strain, named Murphy's Sourz, is a blend of Sour OG and Tangine marijuana strains, according to the owners of Prolific Growhouse.

Gov. Phil Murphy on X
Gov. Phil Murphy on X

Murphy made a surprise visit

After learning of the new strain being sold under his name, Murphy made a surprise visit to Prolific Growhouse.

The business is Black-owned and Murphy wanted to highlight his support for equity in the cannabis marketplace.

On X (formerly twitter), Murphy praised owner David Nicholas and wrote that entrepreneurs like Nicholas "give me hope that we can build a strong and diverse industry that reverses some of the worst effects of the War on Drugs."

Gov. Phil Murphy on X
Gov. Phil Murphy on X

Murphy's administration has been pressing marijuana regulators to approve more cannabis licenses for minority owned businesses.

Of the 2,000 licenses that have been approved, nearly 70% are for "diversity-owned" businesses.

The law legalizing recreational marijuana use was signed by Murphy in 2021.

According to the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, the industry generated over $201 million dollars in revenue is the first three months of 2024. That is a 38% increase over the same period in 2023.

Gov. Phil Murphy on X
Gov. Phil Murphy on X

So, what does Murphy's Sourz taste like?

According to a post on Instagram, Prolific Growhouse describes Murphy's Sourz as "a Sativa strain that strikes a perfect balance between uplifting euphoria and calming relaxation."

The flavor profile, they say, is a blend of "sour lemon and sweet tangerine with hints and diesel and pine."

AP/Twitter/Canva/Townsquare Media illustration
AP/Twitter/Canva/Townsquare Media illustration

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