On Monday 'Givernor' Murphy signed into law a $15 an hour minimum wage that will gradually take hold over the next five years. Expect in those coming years to see less employment in small businesses, less opportunity for first time workers, quicker switching to automation and more small businesses closing their doors. He and his pals in the Democratic Legislature are so out of touch with middle class families, especially those who run small businesses, that he will continue to boast about the bill throughout this week and beyond.

Murphy may be woefully out of touch with the realities of our fragile economy in this over taxed state, but luckily for him, so is the electorate. In a recent Rutgers poll a majority of people in New Jersey are in favor of state government programs that "give" people more benefits from the state. Of course there is a cost to that, in higher taxes, higher costs and long term erosion of the economy. But some people are too ignorant and stupid, let me repeat that, people are too IGNORANT AND STUPID to realize it's effect.

Many of us had our problems with Chris Christie and his abandonment of the NJ taxpayer for his aspirations to higher office and national acclaim. But we warned repeatedly when he was still here, "wait 'til 'Chubby' is gone and takes his fat finger out of the dike"! Well here we are, and it's only just begun. With a forced minimum wage, impending increase in family leave (and its associated tax increase), sanctuary status attracting dangerous illegals here, an erosion of parental rights with the coming exclusion of exemptions for vaccines and a host of other horrors to come, it's only just the beginning. He has at least three more years and with the IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY of the voters in this state, more onerous, progressive, utopian nonsense has yet to hit.

But it will, and when it does, listen to the guy who warned you about Murphy years before anyone heard of him. And listen to the guy that told you when 'Chubby' leaves you're going to miss his big fat mouth on your speakers and screens. By the way I'm on the air from 10-2 on the Dennis & Judi show every weekday. You're welcome!

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