There are liberals and then there are progressives. There are progressives and then there is Phil Murphy. Only three months in the governor's chair and he has his sights set on higher office. A higher office that doesn't even really exist. He apparently is campaigning to be America's Gun Czar.

This guy not only wants to have more gun laws on the backs of legal and law abiding gun owners in New Jersey, he signed an executive order recently to issue monthly reports on gun crimes showing where, how many victims, the type of gun involved and a list of the states from which those guns originated.

"If it means naming and shaming other states, that's exactly what we're going do," he said at Asbury Park Middle School. So the sanctuary governor wants to shame other states and tell them how to run things. I'm sure the folks in Texas will be shocked to realize we elected their governor for them.

It was also announced there's new legislation that would ban state-sponsored travel to any states that don't require their residents to get a permit before purchasing a firearm. If this goes through, it means state-sponsored travel for elected officials as well as public workers would be banned in 37 states. So most of America. Is there any doubt that Murphy will sign this?

Here's some irony for you. Among the 37 states lawmakers would be unable to engage in official state-sponsored travel is Colorado. Murphy campaigned heavily on the legalization of recreational marijuana. Remember the bi-partisan fact finding mission New Jersey legislators took to Colorado to study their system? How could that have happened under such a ban?

It's bad enough Phil Murphy wants to clamp down even more on already overly strict gun laws here in Jersey, (and he's now aiming for a new tax on gun purchases here) but it seems he'll only be satisfied if he bullies other states into his progressive agenda.

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