I know I should be thrilled anytime Governor Murphy is out of the state not destroying (what used to be) the great garden state. But when a recent article decided to take stock of his absences from NJ compared with Governor Christie’s, I started to get really, really mad.

It’s one thing that he’s a clueless, out of touch socialist, but what really gets me angry is that he has no qualms about spending all or part of 100 days out of NJ in 2018. This is double the amount that Christie traveled during his first year. What’s most maddening is that he’s using us for his political gain, and he really doesn’t even feel he needs to be here to pick up the pieces.

What’s most audacious is that going from country to country and state to state shows that he doesn’t even bother to PRETEND that he understands our plight. And how could he? When your travel schedule includes jaunts to Germany and Israel for so called “business missions” (?) and lavish vacations to your 23 room mansion in Italy, why even bother to pretend he’s really like us?

Christie, as wealthy as he was, was always relatable. Yes, he traveled, but when he was here, he was HERE—actually trying to solve the problems and stem the tide of overspending as much as humanly possible in this state. Murphy’s much more frequent globe-trotting in his first year is different. It’s even more offensive because when he does deign to come home to his NJ mansion, before he even drops his suitcases with his valet, he’s dreaming up ways to blow more of our money under the guise of its being “the right thing to do.”

When Murphy travels, it’s even more of an F-you to his constituents because we know he’s only using us for his political gain. A guy who swept in from virtually out of nowhere who buys himself a governorship should at least hang out in the state a little more to seem like he’s rolling up his sleeves and getting down to business. But Phil Murphy isn’t about that.

Remember when your High School’s star quarterback cozied up to the gawky, starstruck, acne-ridden freshman girl, charming her into giving up her history homework so he could copy it? Maybe SHE didn’t realize she was being used but everyone else did.

We’re that girl—and we’re being used and will similarly be discarded when our usefulness is over. And every time Governor Murphy takes off on another “business trip” or vacation, it hurts even more to be the one he left behind. Because like that football star, you know as soon as he gets what he needs, he’s never gonna call again.

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