Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration announced Monday it had allocated $2.1 million to hire lawyer’s for immigrants being detained in New Jersey. So no matter what you think of the immigration situation or whether or not you believe illegals should be deported, your hard earned money will be used to help an illegal “lawyer up.”

That $2.1 million, which would be better utilized for property tax relief or any other number of important expenditures in this state, has been divvied up thusly:$925,000 each to Legal Services of New Jersey and the American Friends Service Committee and $125,000 each to the law school clinics at Rutgers and Seton Hall universities.

All for the purpose of helping illegal immigrants who are facing deportation. Not only does this reckless spending deprive other lower income families (who actually ARE American citizens from receiving legal aid), but it’s a slap in the face too hard-working New Jerseyans who are begging for some kind of tax relief.

I defy Governor Murphy to explain how this is anything but a publicity stunt on his path to political greatness. There is no other justification for spending $2.1 million on this frivolous pipe dream instead of on property tax relief, a crushing burden that is causing hard-working and law-abiding American citizens to leave New Jersey in droves.

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