Here’s how pathetic our state now is. After a bunch of illegal immigrants went on a hunger strike (the adult version of a tantrum-prone toddler holding his breath) Gov. Phil Murphy announced he’s giving $40 million in COVID relief payments to these folks. People who aren’t here legally and damn well know it.

The outcry all along from left-wing groups like Make The Road New Jersey was that many of these people are paying their taxes through tax payer ID numbers yet aren’t reaping any of the benefits.

First of all, here’s what these advocacy groups will never tell you. Of the nearly half a million illegals living in New Jersey fewer than 100,000 pay taxes with a taxpayer ID number. Don’t believe it? Check out the stats in this article.

That means the vast majority of people living illegally in our state are not paying income taxes. Yet this argument for inclusion in stimulus payments is predicated largely on the lie that they are. Further, under Murphy’s plan these payments will go to people who have not paid those taxes, not just the few who have.

So these advocacy groups want to talk about fairness? Give me a break. They’re still busy bitching that $1,000 checks for individuals and $2,000 checks for households aren’t nearly enough. I’d rather them own up to their false narrative that ‘it’s only fair since these people pay taxes.’

What these groups really want is for your citizenship to be watered down more and more until it has no meaning. Once that happens, you’ll no longer defend it. Then the granting of citizenship to those who came here illegally will be a clear path.

That’s what they ultimately want. They want these folks to be allowed to basically have all the rights and privileges of citizenship (without the responsibilities) and then be allowed to simply steal citizenship itself.

Murphy and his sanctuary state progressive policies need to be deported come Election Day.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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