It's bad enough that legislation to let illegal immigrants have state financial aid for college is getting a floor vote on Monday. Worse still is a sneaky budget item Gov. Murphy included to give millions of dollars to helping illegals fight deportation.

The state financial aid bill is S-699 and it particularly helps the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. I think it was terrible when New Jersey allowed illegals to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities. That was back in 2013. So a citizen living across the river in New Hope would pay the much higher out-of-state tuition at Rutgers but the person who's not even legally in the country who attends Rutgers pays what a NJ citizen pays. Well done, liberals. Now S-699 does what I hoped would never happen. Opens up financial aid for college to people who are not even supposed to be here. There is only so much financial aid to go around. Is this fair that money is going to illegals not to mention placements?

You know a progressive like Phil Murphy who touts his sanctuary state nonsense will be all onboard with this one. On top of this, we've now learned of a sneaky budget item that gives over $2 million to non-profit groups which provide legal assistance to illegals facing deportation. It came under the heading "Ensuring Social Justice." The details are scant and no doubt by design. This is your money. He's giving it to help illegals.

Is this where you want your tax money going? Handed over to groups to help illegals fight deportation? It sickens me that Phil Murphy wants to be the governor of people who couldn't legally elect him. Priorities, governor. How about us first? What are you doing about property taxes, governor? Anything real?

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