It's one of the 'Givenor's' favorite ways of making us know he's making a serious point. He says "period, full stop". I guess it's corporate, progressive elite-speak to let all of us peasants know that the king is serious. From his wildly ambitious plans to "give" free stuff to "the middle class" to his willingness to punish or chase out successful, productive people to scaring businesses into moving on, to thwarting and stifling entrepreneurship to allowing people here illegally to skirt the law, this Governor is so out of step with the average New Jerseyan. Period. Full stop!

It's laughable to most anyone you talk to in this state how he got elected or continues unchallenged by the majority of the people left in this state who are paying attention. His new plan to tax millionaires will either force the successful to find way to move money around to avoid taxes or change their address to another state. What we'll be left with is people who'll be depending on the state in one way or another, which comes from people like you and me, or the ultra rich like him, who can absorb any amount of tax you lay on them. That future is not too far off, if he continues to have his way with us. Period. Full stop!

He's smart, calculating and filthy rich, to the point that he can't possibly relate to the average citizen. Yet he represents you and controls important facets of your life. Look, if you're benefiting from the system, then you'll hang out here as long as you keep getting some government benefit. For many families it's a matter of waiting until their kids graduate from high school and it's off to another state that won't rape you. If you're working for government, then once your pension kicks in, you gotta go. That's how it works in Murphy's New Jersey. Period. Full stop!

If the past is any indication of what's ahead after Murphy, the future here isn't much brighter. The lawyers, public unions and super wealthy former Wall St. types control the game. The rest of us are at their mercy. There's no knight in shining armor to represent the working people anywhere on the horizon. The best we can hope for is that Murphy will only last three more years and any chance of a second term will be met with a PERIOD. FULL STOP!

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