Gov. Phil Murphy likes to tout himself as a man who follows the science and experts when it comes to decisions concerning health. Well, maybe not when it comes to black bears.

Last week he announced the end of bear hunting in New Jersey, after this year's hunt. His hardcore base of tree-hugging, animal-loving, loyal Democrat voters rejoiced over the news.

All of the good people are for ending the hunt. "It's cruel and there's no need for it," you'll hear most "reasonable" people say. After all, it's only for the thrill of those plaid-shirt-wearing, knuckle-dragging guys filled with their "toxic masculinity," looking to prove how macho they are. Right?! Not exactly. Hunting provides much-needed revenue for conservation and helps balance the environment, especially in such a densely populated state like ours.

Several years ago, much research, data and thought went into resuming a bear hunt in New Jersey, which had been banned for decades. According to state Wildlife officials it was put in place to achieve a better ecological balance and prevent more bear-human encounters. Plus, the additional licensing revenue helps in maintaining the environment and wildlife.

Across the river in Pennsylvania, bears are facing starvation and mange. The long suffering, painful death of starvation and disease is preferable to people who lead with their emotions rather than facts and data. Murphy has ignored the "science and data" once again to satisfy a base of out-of-touch, overly emotional people who have hate in their hearts for anyone who would hunt. But those folks love their animals, so they must be good people.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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