The no doubt vapid offspring of MTV's Jersey Shore is in Jersey filming. Jersey Shore Family Vacation had cast and crew filming at nightclubs in Ocean and Monmouth counties recently. They were at Headliner in Neptune and Jenk's Club in Point Pleasant Beach. If you're wondering how they got permission from Point Pleasant Beach, they didn't need any. Mayor Stephen Reid explained because it was all done inside the private property of Jenk's they didn't need a permit.

I don't understand how there's any national appetite for this garbage. Yes, I understand what subjective means. But the pile of mindless dung that has always been the Jersey Shore TV show is something I've never gotten. I don't get the allure of watching dumb people do dumb things. Don't we see enough of this all day, every day?

I spent about half an hour once trying to watch Vanderpump Rules, another moronic reality show. While you can tell it is more staged than most, there's still nothing entertaining in watching people this self-absorbed, this shallow and this stupid stumble through life in truly meaningless fashion. I'm not inspired. I'm not angry. I'm not amused. I'm not curious. I just...don't...get it.

Other things I don't get and never will.

1) How people complain about how awful New Jersey's cost of living has become but yet continue to either vote in the same incumbents election after election or don't bother to vote at all.

2) Why people feel it's a luxury to sit in a car and waste time at a gas pump waiting for someone else to perform an incredibly simple task.

3) That people spend big money to go to a concert and then talk through the whole thing.

4) Why people fight over parking spaces instead of walking an extra hundred feet.

5) How so many people think a job at a fast food chain is worth $15 per hour.

6) Why some people think it's wrong to call an immigrant who is here illegally an illegal immigrant.

7) How enough people have clearly been talked into buying things they didn't intend to buy by answering a telemarketer's call to make the entire business model of telemarketing viable to begin with.

8) How Phil Murphy got elected.

9) Why more people aren't angry at the corruption in New Jersey government.

10) How anyone can think the Big Bang Theory is actually funny.

I'll stop at ten because otherwise I could go on all day, and I don't get why anyone would want to do that.

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